Our Story

The Harambee House, Inc / Citizens for Environmental Justice (HH/CFEJ)

is a Savannah-based non-profit with over two decades of practice helping people create safe, clean, healthy and sustainable communities that promote wellness, economic well-being, and environmental justice.  Founded in 1991 to engage African Americans in the fight for environmental justice and to bring attention to the nuclear waste issues affecting people of color in Savannah, HH/CFEJ was born out of a tremendous need for African Americans to develop collective strategies for the effective engagement of citizens in local decision-making.

HH/CFEJ’s main goal has always been to build the capacity of disenfranchised or marginalized communities to speak intelligently and confidently about the social, economic and environmental problems they face.  Its philosophy of change is grounded in the following simple equation:

Community Building


Capacity Building


Citizen Engagement


Sustainable Environmental & Social Change

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