A brewing tropical weather system in the Gulf of Mexico is bringing widespread flash flooding across New Orleans on Wednesday, as forecasters warn the storm could strengthen to a hurricane by the weekend and push the already swollen Mississippi River precariously close to the tops of levees that protect the city.[1]

Map courtesy of Fox News

Severe thunderstorms prompted tornado warnings and inundated downtown New Orleans on Wednesday morning, causing travel to be disrupted and forcing the closure of City Hall. The flooding occurred as a brewing tropical system, which may soon became Tropical Storm Barry, gathered strength over the Gulf of Mexico.[2]

[The] storm swamped streets in New Orleans and prompted a tornado warning near the city Wednesday as concerns grew that even worse weather, including a possible hurricane, could strike Louisiana and other states along the Gulf of Mexico within days.[3]

Video courtesy of Darren Darby, bit.ly/2JtgsqB

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