Ga. lawmakers push bills to limit local government sway over energy rules — Georgia Recorder

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“… I think Savannah’s message is especially persuasive–the city is on the front lines—already experiencing climate change challenges. It is outrageous the general assembly is trying to mess with Savannah’s best efforts to adapt [to the effects of climate change] by requiring gas connections for the foreseeable future. Make no mistake gas is a serious emitter of global warming pollution….”
———————Jennette Gayer, Environment Georgia

Building codes that emphasize energy efficiency and appliance standards have consistently saved individuals and families money. The Rocky Mountain Institute found that the upfront costs for new fully electric buildings are as much as 30% cheaper than a combination of electricity and natural gas, even in cold climates. (

Air pollution hurts everyone, but people of color and low-income families bear the brunt of fossil fuel pollution. Gas appliances in residential and commercial buildings produce nearly seven times more nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions than gas power plants do. Breathing NO2 inflames the lining of the lungs and reduces our immunity to lung infections—including COVID19. (

Tell Your Georgia Representatives to
VOTE NO on HB 150 & SB 102

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