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Plastic Free Savannah is a community coalition made up of scientists, activists, small local businesses, educators, students and more who all want to see less plastic pollution impacting our communities.

Help us by doing your part to eliminate the use of single-use plastics and our over-reliance of plastic use in general

  1. Sign up to take part in coalition, 
  2. Sign the petition! (Savannah businesses or residents only)
  3. Share the petition – we need 300 signatures in 30 days (by May 21)! 
  4. Contact your Alderperson. You should either thank them for publicly showing support for the resolution. Or tell them to request the resolution be heard by the City Council in the next workshop.
  5. Contact your Mayor. He said plastic pollution is a priority since he came into office. Now we need him to follow the science. The more he hears from local constituents the faster we will get change. 
  6. The resolution is shown below. Atlanta and Fulton County did the same thing last year, and now Clarkston and Dekalb County are about to pass this too. Savannah should not get left behind. 


WHEREAS,  from manufacture to waste streams, single use plastics (SUP) and expanded polystyrene foam (EPF) contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions and climate change which the City of Savannah is committed to reducing through it’s a 100% Clean Energy resolution; and

WHEREAS, as the Hostess City of the South, our historic and beautiful streets attract tourism which also drives the demand for SUP and EFP; and

WHEREAS, the City of Savannah can reap many immediate and long term benefits from protecting its natural environment, neighborhood streets, local economy and public health; and

WHEREAS, plastics have been discovered in beer, house dust, table salt, fish, shellfish, honey, and even human feces and can be linked to hormone disruption, reproductive problems, developmental toxicity and cancer; and

WHEREAS, every day around 8 million pieces of plastic makes their way into our oceans and waterways and hundreds of species of wildlife and fish are threatened or killed by ingestion or entanglement in single use plastics; and  

WHEREAS, encouraging the development of acceptable single use products and green business models and ventures provides sustainable economic opportunities for our coast; and

WHEREAS, costs will continue to rise because of the production of single use plastics which are far outpacing the capacity of landfills and recycling programs and thwarts the City of Savannah’s effort to maximize the operating life of landfills and lessen the economic and environmental costs of managing waste such as the cubic foot value of landfills, and the increasing rates of recycling; and

WHEREAS, regulating the use of single use plastics and EPF take-out food packaging and replacing it with food service ware that is locally recyclable or compostable and restricting the use of plastics and EPF products will support the City’s goal of a beautiful, healthy, sustainable community; and

WHEREAS, regional model ordinances recently passed in cities such as Atlanta GA, Clarkston GA, and Fulton County GA are available for guidance on language and phases of implementation;

WHEREAS, education of all sectors of the Savannah community will lead to a sustainable and just transition away from SUP and EPF; and

WHEREAS, the City of Savannah commits to serving environmental justice neighborhoods and future generations, who are disproportionately impacted by blight, litter, and industrial developments such as plastic production; and

THEREFORE, THE MAYOR AND ALDERMEN OF SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, HEREBY RESOLVE that the City of Savannah, by passage of this resolution declares its commitment to protect its nature, waterways, neighborhood streets, local economy and public health.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the City of Savannah shall phase out purchasing of single use plastics and expanded polystyrene foam and transition to acceptable packaging and products by one year from the date of this resolution within City of Savannah buildings.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the City of Savannah will explore the provision of resources, such as marketing promotion and grants for small local and minority owned businesses who would like to transition to acceptable packaging and products that will reduce SUP waste while also creating an opportunity to improve business models across Savannah.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City of Savannah will actively support collective State policy and County policy to promote these goals with other Georgia municipalities that have passed similar resolutions, including Atlanta, Fulton County, and Clarkston.

SO RESOLVED, this ______ day of ___________ 2021.

Details you should know as you do your outreach:

  • Kesha Gibson-Carter, Bernetta Lanier, and Alicia Blakely have all publicly asked the City Manager to place the resolution on the agenda, 
    THANK YOU and Continue to support
  • Detric Leggett, Linda Wilder-Bryan, and Kurtis Purtee have all said they support the resolution 100% to numerous individual constituents. They have not asked the City Manager to put it on the agenda yet. 
  • Nick Palumbo has stated support at some points. 
  • Estella Shabazz has not responded to any communication thus far. 

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