MFN Skill Share Webinar #1: Making a Shekere

Join host Dr. Qasimah Boston of the Tallahassee Food Network as she shares the method of making a shekere! A shekere is a musical instrument originating in Africa made of a gourd, beads and string. Shekeres are beautiful musical instruments and art pieces.

During the COVID-19 pandemic artist, Dr. Boston was moved to create a #shekeremovementforjustice initiative to share a spirit moving initiative to add into the movement for justice. The initiative took on, and #shekeresforjustice is nationwide.

After attending this webinar, people will be able to see the materials used to make a shekere, see how a shekere is made, and see a rhythm played by the shekere.

To attend you must Register here.
This webinar is Friday, June 4, 2021 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time/12:00 Noon Eastern Time

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