Citizen’s Climate Lobby Zoom Event

Citizens’ Climate Lobby, has a single issue (climate) and a single target (Congress).  

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is holding a FREE Zoom conference
Saturday, Sept 25, 10 AM – 1:15 pm.  Join us and will hear from 

CCL’s chief lobbyist, Danny Richter
Bob Inglis, former Congressman (and conservative voice on climate)
Laura Iyer and Kathe Gowland on the En-ROADS Climate Model
Dr. Marilyn Brown of GA Tech on the Drawdown GA study, which shows how we can remove half the state’s net emissions in 10 years if we want to. 

Registration is free on Eventbrite

Also, please go to
and click on the green “Write the President” button to send a quick email to
the President asking for a price on carbon.
(Staff tell us email is their preference over phone calls, USPS letters, etc.)  

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