Community Science Workshop Series

The Center for Community Engagement, Environmental Justice, and Health (CEEJH) in partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund, will be holding 3 Community Science Workshops open to all. This is an opportunity to share science empowerment, address environmental justice and health issues, and transform talk into action.
Who is invited? Anyone! The goal of these workshops is to engage community members experiencing environmental injustices. Please feel free to share within your networks, and extend our RSVP to those who are interested in participating.
What is the purpose? To INpower those interested with information on community science, air/water quality, sensors and measurement tools, and data collection for policy transformation. This information will be shared by other community-based organizers and organizations involved in these fights. There will be opportunities to hear from and interact with multiple guest speakers, and an abundance of space for participants to share their knowledge, experiences, and visions for the future.

Will I be compensated? A $50 incentive will be offered to those attending all three workshops.

When is the series?
Air Pollution & Mapping EJ: Friday, Nov. 12th; 6-7:30pm
Water Quality & Advocacy: *Monday, Nov. 15th; 6-7:30pm
Democratizing Science: *Friday, Nov. 19th; 6-7:30pm

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