2023 Worker Education & Job training Program (WEJTP)

The Harambee House / Citizens for Environmental Justice continues its twenty years of providing environmental and green technology training and the resources necessary to ensure that eligible members of the greater Savannah community can acquire skills relevant for the 21st and 22nd Centuries. This training provides information and awareness to the Savannah community of hazard containment and remediation, environmental clean-up, and ecological sustainability.

To apply and join our training class this year, please fill out and submit this form

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Section 1: Personal Information

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Section 2: Health Questions

This program trains workers who will be wearing respirators (face masks) and heavy, enclosed clothing (similar to “space suits” worn by astronauts). There are legal requirements that include NO BEARDS. Do you think this would pose a problem for you?
Do you think you are able to wear a face mask?
A space suit (enclosed clothing)?
How do you rate your general health?
Do you smoke?
Have you been tested for COVID-19
What were the results of your last test?
Have you been in contact recently with anyone you are aware of that tested positive for COVID-19?
Have you received the COVID-19 vaccination?

Section 3: Conviction Record

Persons with criminal conviction records are still eligible for this training program. If you have a conviction record, we want to know so that the training can match any scheduling needs you may have.
Do you have a criminal conviction record?

Section 4: Educational Background

Did you graduate high school?
Have you been in any other schools or training programs since high school?
Do you have any experience using special equipment?
Do you have any experience using professional tools?

Section 5: Employment Background

Please tell us about your work history, starting with your most recent employment
Employer Address
May we contact this employer
Employer Address
May we contact this employer

Section 6: Verification

By checking the checkbox below you affirm that the information given on this application is true to the best of your knowledge

To the applicant:

You may be required to provide documentation for any of the information entered on this application. Some of the documents you will be asked for include: (1) Social Security Card (2) Identification (Photo ID) with proof of age
Date / Time

An Harambee House representative will contact you soon!

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