Harambee House, Inc. / Citizens for Environmental Justice

We work collectively with the Creator as our guide to help adults and youth find their voice, develop their full potential as leaders, and take collective action as community change agents who operate in excellence and integrity.

Harambee House, INC. / Citizens for Environmental Justice (HH/ CFEJ) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization located in Savannah, Georgia, founded in 1990. The organization has a proven record of accomplishment of being a catalyst and incubator for promoting civic engagement, environmental justice, and social change at a local, regional, national, and international level. HH/CFEJ is a community- based organization that works collectively with organizations, families, and youth in our neighborhoods. We are a caring organization that empowers communities to exercise their own voice through collective action. The integrity of our work builds a strong foundation of service in our community.  We believe in building and sustaining a strong effective partnership between academic institutions, community, government, business, and universities.