Environmental Careers Worker Training Program (ECWTP) 2019

The 2019 Environmental Careers Worker Training Program (ECWTP) begins on March 11, 2019.

Sign-up NOW for training on OSHA safety regulations; hazardous materials (HazMat) awareness training; training on heat stress, the proper use of personal protective equipment and construction safety; renovating and repairing household structural issues, identifying mold, lead paint or asbestos and how to remove the hazards; and receive insights on preparing for emergencies and disasters like floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.

The Harambee House, Inc. / Citizens for Environmental Justice (CFEJ) is presenting its annual Environmental Careers Worker Training Program (ECWTP).  Come, be a part of the most life-changing job training experience in Savannah!  Review the flyer below for more details.

As we enter 2019, a look at the leading industry indicators as recorded by Forbes shows that construction and green industries are major job-producing fields.

Fastest-growing industries in U.S.

Based on an analysis of financial statements from privately held firms, these are the fastest-growing industries.SAGEWORKS

Seven of the top 10 industries with the highest sales growth rates are related to construction,

The ECWTP provides the training required for any man or woman to enter this growing and lucrative field with competitive job skills.  Take advantage of this opportunity and contact the Harambee House, Inc. at 912.233.0907.