The Worker Education and Job Training Program (WEJTP), provides training under the HAZWOPER standard“The HAZWOPER standard provides employers, emergency response workers, and other workers potentially exposed to hazardous substances information and training criteria to improve workplace safety and health and reduce workplace injuries and illnesses that could occur from exposures to hazardous substances. It is critical that employers and their workers understand the scope and application of HAZWOPER and can determine which sections apply to their specific work operations.”

The Harambee House / Citizens for Environmental Justice continues its twenty years of providing environmental and green technology training and resources necessary to ensure that eligible members of the greater Savannah community can acquire skills relevant for the 21st and 22nd Centuries. This training provides information and awareness to the Savannah community of hazard containment and remediation, environmental clean-up and ecological sustainability.

The technical training curriculum delivers instruction and information that:

  • Identifies hazardous materials in storage and transport and covers the communication methods used to identify and manage hazardous situations.
  • Teaches the standards of worker protection as outlined by OSHA.
  • Identifies the hazards related to asbestos, lead, waste removal and infectious disease.
  • Outlines the laws passed by Congress, regulations developed by government agencies and standards set by cities and communities devised to handle hazardous materials in the environment and the workplace.
  • Teaches the regulations outlined by OSHA in 29 CFR 1910 & 29 CFR 1926
  • Outlines the regulations specified by:
    • OSHA with respect to chemical hazards and workplace safety
    • EPA regarding hazardous releases into the environment
    • DOT regarding the transportation of hazardous materials
    • NFPA with respect to the storage of hazardous materials

Harambee House will present its 12-week Worker Education and job Training Program session in 2023 from April 5, 2023, until July 8, 2023. 

The ECWTP provides the training required for any adult, 18 years and older, to enter this growing and lucrative field with competitive job skills.  Take advantage of this opportunity and contact the Harambee House, Inc. at 912.233.0907, or fill out the following form.

Section 1: Personal Information

Section 2: Health Questions

Section 3: Conviction Record

Persons with criminal conviction records are still eligible for this training program. If you have a conviction record, we want to know so that the training can match any scheduling needs you may have.

Section 4: Educational Background

Section 5: Employment Background

Please tell us about your work history, starting with your most recent employment

Section 6: Verification

To the applicant:

You may be required to provide documentation for any of the information entered on this application. Some of the documents you will be asked for include: (1) Social Security Card (2) Identification (Photo ID) with proof of age

A CFEJ representative will contact you.

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