Health, Environmental and Safety Activities Happening in Our Community

Environmental Careers Workers Training Program

Formerly known as the Worker Education & Job Training Program (WE&JTP), the Environmental Careers Worker Training Program (ECWTP), provides training under the HAZWOPER standard.  “The HAZWOPER standard provides employers, emergency response workers, and other workers potentially exposed to hazardous substances information and training criteria to improve workplace safety and health and reduce workplace injuries and illnesses that could occur from exposures to hazardous substances. It is critical that employers and their workers…(Read more here…)

The 2020 Environmental Careers Worker Training Program (ECWTP) begins on March 30, 2020.

Sign-up NOW for training on OSHA safety regulations; hazardous materials (HazMat) awareness training; training on heat stress, the proper use of personal protective equipment … (… to Read More, click here)

Black Youth Leadership Development Institute

The Black Youth Leadership Development Institute Is…

A group of young black people, teachers, community educators, parents, various professionals and regular citizens committed to redirecting the talent and energy of black youth into positive growth and development.

The purpose of the Institute is to train, mentor and cultivate young Black leaders committed to social change in all areas of life. Our work focuses on creating change and development models for transforming African American youth — replicable models for community centers, groups, schools, and faith-based organizations. Each program, activity, and resource is designed to foster within Black youth a worldview that links their reality of poverty, illiteracy, involvement in…(Read more here…)