Archive of Harambee House past training programs.

Through its many years of community service and environmental protection initiatives, The Harambee House / Citizens for Environmental Justice (HH/CFEJ), has created community-based programs that provided seminars and training for citizens to impact their cities and persuade government officials to improve the lives of their local communities.  Listed below are some of the legacy programs that have uplifted and improved the lives of citizens living in Savannah, GA, and the surrounding communities and districts.

ECWTP 2017 & 2018

The 2017 8-week and the 2018 12-week Environmental Careers Training Programs were successful in matriculating and graduating HAZMAT, HazWoper, OSHA, Initial Lead Worker, Initial Asbestos Worker and Environmental Health & Safety training participants.

Tools for Change — Savannah

Kellogg Foundation-sponsored project that helped communities engage in Community-based Participatory Research (CBRP).


A multi-year, collaborative research effort that provided technical assistance to environmentally impacted communities of color.