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“This is a self-help, self-care book written at a time when many people in our villages are having a real hard time facing daily life. As a black woman growing up in America it has not been an easy journey; for real for real. There have been times when I wanted to throw my hands up and holler, give up and resign myself to living a life of mediocrity. God would not let me. Now having recognized that life is full of storms in all forms I had to identify what to do to stay at peace and enjoy life. I was inspired to put these thoughts together and share them with the village. “Though the storms keep raging in my life, my soul is anchored in God.” In an increasingly technological world where family life has been battered by politics, poverty and perversion, the villagers are crying for help. I pray this book will be an added tool in your spiritual library to help you as you greet each day, ready to live, despite the storms.”

Dr. Mildred McClain

Peace in the Midst of the Storm

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Both the story of her personal journey and a book of daily meditations, Peace in the Midst of the Storm is Dr. Mildred McClain’s spiritual witness of overcoming the challenges and rejoicing in the accomplishments of a life well-lived. Known affectionally and with honor as Mama/Sister Bahati, Dr. McClain has lived as a Practitioner of Excellence and this book describes that journey. In her own words, “Rather than worry about your problem, situation, or the circumstance of your storm, you can live in God’s peace knowing HE is always with you. In the midst of your storm, you can overcome the disappointment, you can surmount the crisis, you can get up after being knocked down, you can even bless someone in the midst of what may seem like a bad hair day.
Stand in peace in the midst of your storm.
Peace Be Still

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