For the past 20 years, Harambee House has provided our workforce development training for Savannah and the surrounding areas. This training provides federally sanctioned certifications in the fields of hazardous materials management, operations, storage and disposal, lead paint removal and disposal, asbestos remediation (reversing damage), OSHA safety regulations, and emergency response. Also included are Basic Skills modules on math refreshers, study skills, computer operations, resume building and job search techniques.

We have received requests from some residents to apply for training in the technical modules only. This is the case for people already working; they need to be certified or have their certifications renewed. If you are interested in taking one or more of our technical certified classes only, please fill out the form below and submit it.

Personal Information


To the applicant:

You may be required to provide documentation for any of the information entered on this application. Some of the documents you will be asked for include: (1) Social Security Card (2) Identification (Photo ID) with proof of age

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